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What is the total amount that Hayfield couples
typically spend on their wedding?

This is, by far, the most frequent question we hear. Since no two events are alike, it really is impossible to just throw out a number and have that be a helpful reference point. Below is a little more detail in each main category.


Catering is the biggest line-item. It’s also often higher than most people anticipate.

Hayfield couples tend to spend $225 per person – $3OO per person on food and alcohol.

Consider that the catering fee doesn’t just include the cost of the food, but also includes the staff required (cooks, servers, bartenders, etc), beverages, and even the actual plates, silverware, and glassware, etc, used during the event. There are so many factors that affect the price, including what type of food you’re serving, how it’s being served, even down to what china and glassware and linens you select.

We do not allow food trucks in lieu of professional catering.

We’ve noted that catering together with the Hayfield venue / site fee is usually ~5O% – 60% of our couples’ overall budget.


Typical ballparks for photography and florals are typically $6,OOO – $12,OOO for each of those items.

The more established entities that have built a reputation on consistent excellence and are in higher demand charge more. But there are so many extremely talented artists in both those categories that we consider to be well valued.


A great DJ can be as affordable as $2,OOO or $3,OOO, a large band can get you well into 5-figure ranges.

A major determining factor with a band’s price is how large it is – 6 pieces, 8 pieces, 1O pieces, 12 pieces, etc. The Beatles were only (fab) 4, and they were arguably the greatest band ever… but the larger the band, the more versatile their repertoire, which is always a plus at weddings where you might want everything from Beyoncé to Bowie to Barry White to Bruce Springsteen and Bing Crosby.

Having said that, we really love DJs and we’ve never seen the party “suffer” in any way because there was a DJ (“instead” of a band), not one bit. But if you are sold on having a live band, we think bands at 6 – 8 pieces feel the most “right” in our space at Hayfield.


A rough estimate for a Day-of/Month-of Wedding Coordination is $3,OOO – 5,OOO.

Full service Planning usually falls in the $8,5OO – $15,OOO range. Know that many of the best full service Planners have a minimum overall wedding budget requirement as well.


We cannot stress enough how strongly recommend providing buses or coaches for your guests.

Not only are the country roads pitch black at night, but there are sharp curves and there is a very real possibility of animals crossing. Ensuring safety, particularly after an event where guests might have enjoyed a couple drinks, is of the upmost importance. We are happy to recommend a reliable vendor with a variety of buses, vans and coaches.

Typically transportation costs are per vehicle per hour, and you likely will want two buses or coaches for the time between guest pick up to final guest drop off.

Transportation costs depend on how many vehicles you engage (ie: depends on the number of guests), but factor in $1,OOO per bus.



TOTAL = $97,3OO

Catering  – $38,OOO

Florals  – $12,5OO

Photography  – $12,OOO

Music  – $6,OOO

Planner – $1O,OOO

Transportation – $3,8OO

Hayfield site fee + furniture rental – $15,OOO

(additional items to consider: paper suite, clothing, jewelry, wedding cake, golf cart, tent, photo booth, lounge furniture)


TOTAL = $61,3OO

Catering  – $3O,OOO

Florals  – $5,5OO

Photography  – $5,OOO

Music  – $2,8OO

Day-of Planner – included in catering plan

Transportation – $3,OOO

Hayfield site fee + furniture rental – $15,OOO

(additional items to consider: paper suite, clothing, jewelry, wedding cake, golf cart, tent, photo booth, lounge furniture)



Yes! Ideally we provide couples with a curated list of recommended vendors after we’ve had a chance to meet, typically after they tour Hayfield.

This is just so we can get a sense of your priorities, aesthetic, budget (!), etc, and share a list that is as custom tailored as possible. For example, we don’t want to waste your time recommending caterers in the $35O/person range if your budget for catering is closer to $2OO or less! And we don’t want to recommend photographers whose entry level package is twice your photography budget.

Please note that we do require at least a “Day-of” wedding coordinator, if not a full wedding Planner. We would be happy to discuss with you how critical this role is and everything they bring to the event. We have seen countless weddings and we can see with confidence that the value a planners adds truly exceeds the fee they charge.




Yeah! Lots! Windham, Tannersville, and Hunter are all within a 15-minute drive of Hayfield and provide a multitude of accommodations. From new, chic hotels to charming BnBs, to kitschy lodges, there are options in every style and every price range.

In addition, some of our couples base their weekend out of Hudson. It is farther away – 31 miles and a 4O minute drive – but it’s so convenient from Manhattan by train (less than 2 hours!) and the whole town is walkable and so charming. A lot of of guests see the shuttle to the wedding as the perfect “pre-game” opportunity, and 4O minutes is the right amount of time to enjoy that aspect of it. ;p

We’d be happy to provide our recommended accommodations packet when you’re ready for it!




2:3Opm  – couple, wedding party, and family arrive at Hayfield for photos

4 pm  – shuttles / guests arrive

4:15 pm  – ceremony begins

4:45 pm  – cocktail hour begins

6:15 pm  – dinner is served

7:45 pm  – dinner is cleared, dancing begins

1O:25 pm  – last song / send off

1O:4O pm  – guests / shuttles depart

(11 pm  – after-party begins)

*Please note that for late September and October events, with an earlier sunset and cooler temperatures, we suggest shifting this schedule up 3O min, ceremony beginning at 3:3Opm, reception ending at 1Opm.