The home, called Minwawa, was built over 125 years ago, but is completely renovated from the ground up.
We kept the original antique glass windows on the ground floor as well as much of the furniture and
decor items of the original owners, mixing them in with new furniture and newly purchased antiques.

Designed by the renowned Jersey Ice Cream Co, the house features their unparalleled style and charm.



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The house's grand ballroom has been transformed into a gracious and magical living space with
multiple sitting areas, historical items, original wood panelling and 100 year old glass in the windows.
Connected to the main living room, both spaces provide access to the 60' long porch and a stunning mountain view.


The kitchen is as functional as it is beautiful.


Our cozy library features antique books – some first editions – and most original to the house. 


Upstairs, there are seven bedrooms, including the Master Suite which is over 1,OOO square feet and includes
a jewel box of a dressing area and a spacious en-suite bathroom with a claw foot tub and walk-in shower.


The amount of love and care (and blood, sweat, and tears) invested in every detail is staggering. It was important for us to honor the house's history as much as possible, salvaging the stunning craftsmanship and unique, charming details indicative of the era in which the home was built. Preserving the original wood paneling took thousands of hours and many of the objects on display have been in the house for as long as a century.

Check receipts from the early 1900s. Stock receipts from the late 1800s. Receipts from a honeymoon to Aruba in the 1940s. The call buttons to the servants' quarters, from a time when the cook, the maid, the chauffeur and the butler all had rooms in the house (really). Original brass light fixtures were rescued, polished, and rewired, even though the investment cost more than it would to replace them. Octogenarian rugs were steam-cleaned and repaired to reveal their original glory, but keeping their well earned patina. Turn-of-the-century china was dug up from nooks and crannies, dusted off, and placed back on display where they belong. Porcelain claw foot tubs and art deco sinks were scrubbed clean, reglazed, and re-plumbed. A scruffy settee, upholstery tattered, coils springing out the bottom, smelly and ratty, re-stuffed, reupholstered and restored to its former glory with new, fine Belgian linen. The original wood paneling and ceiling in both the dining room and living room were all meticulously stripped by hand, a process that took months of manual labor. Over 50 windows on the ground floor, all over 100 years old, were carefully extracted and restored – gently sanded smooth, glass reglazed and hardware repaired – work that is done all by the hands of a master woodworker. These examples are endless and each one holds a story we cherish.

But in addition to restoring and rescuing, renovation happened, too. Double insulation, a new roof, and a new cedar shingle exterior. All new plumbing and electric. Showers with sparkling hand-cut tiles and water pressure so perfect, you never want to leave. The plaster work featured in the kitchen and several of the bedrooms was done all by hand. New mattresses and linen duvets make each bed heavenly. All wallpaper selected is true to the Arts & Crafts era in which the house was built, as is the custom upholstery that appears on much of the furniture. In the kitchen, a salvage concrete farmhouse wash basin has been customized to fit perfectly with the new marble countertops and new fixtures.

And all this while gazing out onto a Catskill Mountain view, stars shining, fireflies twinkling, chipmunks all around, and the occasional deer roaming by at sunset.


All interior design by Jersey Ice Cream Co    |    All photography by Nicole Franzen